Re: Obj Enchantment

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 12/16/98

Umm. Thier is one problem with that. Oedit changes the proto of it. Not
all of them. So only the ones that will load will be changed. (Or at
least thats all its supose to do) Anyways if you save these objects in a
rent file they will still have effects. When you oedit something you are
editing the proto for it thier for the rest of them should still have
thier affects. Now if it does like you say erase the affects for every
one in the game it must be pritty screwed...actually that would take
more work to do than just edit the proto. Thier was a problem like this
in a old mud I played on. They were going to pwipe but they couldn't
keep the eq because the eq with all the stats and stuff would carry on
after the pwipe and some of the eq doesn't exist anymore and some of it
has changed affects and stuff.

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