Re: [NEWBIE] Question about making LEVEL restricted EQ.

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 12/16/98

Level restricting can be very very easy. In a mud I once played on what
they did for level restricting eq was they made a bitvector for it.
(They have min level 15 and minlev 25) this prevented all the players
from using all the incredibly good eq and just making it to the top in
seconds. (It also helps game balance). But once the bitvectors in thier
all you have to do is make a simple check in the wear function and if
you want make olc compatible with the new bitvetor(s). Or if you prefer
not too have a set number for a minlevel and would like thier to be an
exter spot in obj file for the minlevel then simply add a read in one of
the sscanf in the obj_praser function... Make that read into a special
var in the obj_data struct and make a macro if you want to read that out
of the struct. Then make that compatible with olc if you want. Either
way isn't vary hard.

P.S. If you plan on changing the layout of your objs be sure to convert
them first or else circle won't start. Use olc to convert them.

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