Re: Obj Enchantment & ObCircle

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 12/17/98

I see. Well then its kinda half done. If it changes all the ones in the
online game ok but it should change all the offline ones to... Or you
could just take that out or as you said skip the enchanted objects.

Jon Barrett wrote:
> > Umm. Their is one problem with that. Oedit changes the proto
> > of it. Not
> > all of them. So only the ones that will load will be changed. (Or at
> > least that's all its supposed to do) Anyways if you save these
>   Actually, when you save objects internally, it will first scan through all
> objects and if they are pointing to the edited proto, they are updated(that
> is normal).  Then it also changes the original proto.
> > objects in a
> > rent file they will still have effects. When you oedit
> > something you are
> > editing the proto for it their for the rest of them should still have
> > their affects. Now if it does like you say erase the affects for every
> > one in the game it must be pritty screwed...actually that would take
>   I have ascii obj files and the affects save fine.  Only the online objects
> are updated to match the new proto.  Hmm, maybe I should just make it so
> enchanted objects are not updated, period.
> ObCircle:
>   Is there a reason that spell_info in circle is not more complete.  I have
> considered placing the spell name, wear off message, a damage_noun, and
> maybe a wait_pulse variable within the spell_info_type struct, but I
> wondered why this hadn't been done before.
>   This change would require very little changes whatsoever, and would help
> to centralize the spell_info which would simplify the spell addition
> process.  I got sick of adding spells and forgetting to put in a wear off
> message, etc.  Also with that change, you could have wear off messages for
> skills, custom dam_nouns and even a detailed spelledit OLC capability. :)
> <jB>
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