Re: Things maybe "TODO"

From: Eduo (
Date: 12/17/98

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, George wrote:

> * OasisOLC
> * OBuild

I think adding just the framework would be better, or the olcnote system
that was around. Although I use Oasis I think lots of people like to hack
their own solution.

> * Threads
>         Limited to Linux, Solaris, Windows, and maybe FreeBSD.

I must say I don't agree with this (in the same way I don't agree porting
to C++), it hinders one of the best things Circle has. Portability.

> * ASCII Pfile
>         Likely to be included.

I'd give a vote for this. I have been waiting for a nice stock
implementation of this (I haven't been able of making my own and the ones
around don't quite fit me).

> * BufferSys
>         I'm doing a makeover at the moment with it so I have yet to figure
>         out what it is going to become.  Most likely it would be nice.

I have no idea what this could be about..:)

> * DG Scripts
> * DG Events
>         Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.

I vote for the scripts, I still haven't used events but they seem to be

> * NoteOLC
>         Alternative to OasisOLC and OBuild.  It'd be basically the same as
>         writing the world files by hand, except online.

This is what I was referring to, since it is so simple it can easily be
substituted (specially if it is nicely contained in #defines) or coexist
with another solution.

> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (
>         Intriguing idea.

Hadn't thought about this. What does it mean? instead of adding races or
classes in stock give only defaults that are editable or that can be added

> I'll also keep a running tab of new ideas on the list as I remember
> and put them there.  I also have a mailbox of 13 'todo' items I'll
> stick on the list shortly.  I think Daniel Koepke's 'it' idea is in
> there somewhere...

I have been thinking about a "revert" command for Oasis (or any OLC), in
which you simply "reread" the latest saved version from disk and discard
changes. This could be good for when you really mess up a zone (whatever
reason) or for when you edit by hand while the mud is running.

This isn't implemented already, is it?


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