Re: Things maybe "TODO"

From: Francis Hotchkiss (
Date: 12/17/98

> From: George <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>

> * OasisOLC
> * OBuild
>         Rather include a generic OLC routine library though.
I have both OLC's in right now, and i have some vacation time from school
coming up and i was planning on going through the code and pulling out the
routines that are the same in each and make a gen_olc.c file. I was going
to leave both interfaces though and make olc preferenced, ie: olc redit
oasis, so when a person types redit, they get an oasis editor, compared to
olc redit obuild, and an obuild editor...

> * Threads
>         Limited to Linux, Solaris, Windows, and maybe FreeBSD.
I'd say that if you could find a way to maintain portability, and use
threads for systems that support it, add this, it may improve speed a litte
if done right.

> * ASCII Pfile
>         Likely to be included.
You have my vote here also. ASCII pfiles are easy to work with and there is
no need to pwipe when you add something :)

> * BufferSys
>         I'm doing a makeover at the moment with it so I have yet to
>         out what it is going to become.  Most likely it would be nice.
No clue as to what you're refering to..

> * DG Scripts
> * DG Events
>         Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.
I use DG SCripts, really cool, but i have not yet seen a need for DG
events, mabye if both systems were merged to save on  repeated code?

> * NoteOLC
>         Alternative to OasisOLC and OBuild.  It'd be basically the same
>         writing the world files by hand, except online.
Could be a diff interface added to my idea above.

> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (
>         Intriguing idea.
I had this idea about two months ago, but never had the time to do it, i
also was going to write a scripted spell language(similar to DG scripts,
but for spells, and players could write their own spells)


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