Possible ideas for the next release

From: Invincibill (bill@longboys.net)
Date: 12/17/98

How about the following typedefs.

typedef struct char_data CHAR;
typedef struct descriptor_data DESCRIPTOR;
typedef struct object_data OBJECT;
typedef struct room_data ROOM;

typedef sh_int (or int or long int) ROOM_NUM;
typedef sh_int (or int or long int) OBJ_NUM;
typedef sh_int (or int or long int) MOB_NUM;

or perhaps an all encompassing typedef the the vnums.
typedef sh_int (or int or long int) VNUM;

then change all occurrences of the above structs to the typedefs.
other than the vnums its easily handled with sed(except for a few
instances which are easily changed by hand.)

this has a few benefits. first it is much easier to see the CHAR,
DESCRIPTOR, etc declarations. since these are important, oft used
structs it would help with the readability and maintenance of the code.

with the vnum typedefs, it would allow MUCH easier changing of the size
of the vnum to allow more or less rooms(less for memory considerations
if you are concerned with it)

just a thought. i do it on mine, it really helps.
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