Re: Possible ideas for the next release

From: George (
Date: 12/18/98

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Invincibill wrote:

>typedef struct char_data CHAR;
>typedef struct descriptor_data DESCRIPTOR;
>typedef struct object_data OBJECT;
>typedef struct room_data ROOM;

Ew. Must everything be uppercase?

>typedef sh_int (or int or long int) ROOM_NUM;
>typedef sh_int (or int or long int) OBJ_NUM;
>typedef sh_int (or int or long int) MOB_NUM;

Already have these.

>or perhaps an all encompassing typedef the the vnums.
>typedef sh_int (or int or long int) VNUM;

Probably could.

>this has a few benefits. first it is much easier to see the CHAR,
>DESCRIPTOR, etc declarations. since these are important, oft used
>structs it would help with the readability and maintenance of the code.

Can't bear to type 'struct'? :)

>with the vnum typedefs, it would allow MUCH easier changing of the size
>of the vnum to allow more or less rooms(less for memory considerations

We should already be able to...

George Greer

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