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From: George (
Date: 12/18/98

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Jeremy Music wrote:

>> >>> * Threads
>> >>>         Limited to Linux, Solaris, Windows, and maybe FreeBSD.
>Threads would be good, but probably 98% of running circlemuds wouldn't see
>any noticeable benefit, so perhaps this is something that should remain in
>patch form for the few that do want them.

That'd be one huge patch. :)

>> >>> * BufferSys
>Does this mean I no longer get the occasional crash with BUFFER OVERFLOW?
>I'm all for it  :)

Well, it doesn't stop you from doing stupid things, but it will catch where
they happened a lot faster.

>> >>> * DG Scripts
>> >>> * DG Events
>> >>>         Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.
>I also suggest mobprogs, which co-exist with DG's just fine.  Of course,
>all should be easily handled through OLC.  (mobprogs are much easier than
>DG scripts for simple little mob reactions, and are much easier for
>builders to catch on to).

DG Scripts evolved from MobProgs.

>> >>> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (
>Handled through defines for those who don't want/need races and/or

Eh, rip it out if you don't like it.  Stock code won't have such optional
defines for huge sections of code.

>> >>I have been thinking about a "revert" command for Oasis (or any OLC),
>> >>
>> >>This isn't implemented already, is it?
>> >
>> >Nope, and the current CircleMUD db routines make it extremely hard to
>> do
>> >that.
>Forgive me if I am looking at this wrong, as I am not coming at it from a
>code standpoint...  Wouldn't it be relatively simple to just discard the
>changes in memory and "re-boot" the area?

Either you reboot the whole world or you reboot nothing currently.  There
isn't a "reboot just this zone please" command.

>Hedit (mentioned above, with ability to level-restrict helps).

>social-edit OLC style (do these things really need to be hard-coded


>MPedit Mobprog editor, olc style.

OasisOLC can already do it.  But if MobProgs were stock (which I doubt, but
is possible) then maybe.

>INFO channel (wiznet for players, showing logins, deaths, levels, etc.)
>Auto-auction with an "auction stat" command to ident items for sale.

Doesn't do the stat you want, but it's easy to add.

>Tedit to edit motd/imotd/etc. from within the mud, again a part of the

>I would also like to see a remort system implemented in base code.  As a
>player on other muds I have greatly enjoyed the remort systems they have
>had (email me for the address to the mud with the best remort system I
>have seen, unfortunately it's not mine).  This gives the mud more
>playability (how many players make it to the highest level and just stop
>logging in?)

Everyone has a different opinion on the "best" system so we'll avoid that

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