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From: Eduo (
Date: 12/18/98

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, George wrote:

> >> >>> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (
> >Handled through defines for those who don't want/need races and/or
> >classes.

> Eh, rip it out if you don't like it.  Stock code won't have such
> optional defines for huge sections of code.

Or make the commands available for LVL_IMPL+1 :)

That effectively denies its existence..:)

> >Forgive me if I am looking at this wrong, as I am not coming at it from a
> >code standpoint...  Wouldn't it be relatively simple to just discard the
> >changes in memory and "re-boot" the area?

> Either you reboot the whole world or you reboot nothing currently.
> There isn't a "reboot just this zone please" command.

I think he meant something like "zreset zone#", although when you do that
you are effectively rebooting the zone it is done from the copy in memory,
not reading from the file.

> >Hedit (mentioned above, with ability to level-restrict helps).
> >social-edit OLC style (do these things really need to be hard-coded
> >anyway?)
> Aedit

Both included in OLC+, AFAIK.

I still don't understand what's the advantage of having interpreter.c
mangled up by aedit, adding a new column. Anyone knows?

> >MPedit Mobprog editor, olc style.
> OasisOLC can already do it.  But if MobProgs were stock (which I
> doubt, but is possible) then maybe.

The only advantage of mobprogs, that I can see, is that they are linked to
a specific mob, instead of being separate.

I think it doesn't justify its existence.

On remort:

> Everyone has a different opinion on the "best" system so we'll avoid
> that issue.

I agree, although I like a remort system I know mine is not the same as is
usual, and it'd be as much a pain changing a stock one as adding my own
(probably, at least).


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