Re: Things maybe "TODO"

From: George (
Date: 12/18/98

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Angus Mezick wrote:

>>* DG Scripts
>>* DG Events
>>        Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.
>I agree with the Scripts, but the Events would be over-kill (unless
>they are EXTREMELY easy to strip out)  I say this because there are
>better ways to implement this code.

Never used them personally.  They were released after I needed them. :)

>GO BUFFERS!!!!!!!

Integrating it with the glib 1.1.9 hash tables currently.  Should be quite
cleaner and it's getting out of the malloc system library business.

>Kind of iffy on threads because they aren't completely portable and
>I think we would get too many complaints here about people messing
>up with race-conditions and not knowing how to debug. (log log log)

We get those anyway! :)

>NO C++ NO C++ NO C++.  I have a feeling that it would be much harder
>to rewrite major portions of the code in C++ than in C.

I like MUD++'s socket and string libraries.  Looked nifty when I last saw
them.  Anyone not knowing what I'm talking about see:

George Greer

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