Re: Things maybe

From: Rony Cooremans (
Date: 12/19/98

err maybe nor a direct responce to this
but i ll be verry happy to host such a site

i know i have promised a lot of you to host your muds an d i ll do it

but i had some serious communication problems with my sponsors

now everithing is sorted out and the server will we online at last
somewhere between chrismass and new year
so vrom januari on i ll mail everybody that applied the adress of the
server, their account name and their password

we ll also host make a mirror of the circle ftp site and if george or alex
want we ll also host a mirror of their sites

i think that mirror would be good forr most european people cause we
sometimes have real slow connections with the us

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Van: Fafhrd <fafhrd@ROTD.COM>
Aan: <>
Datum: zaterdag 19 december 1998 6:42
Onderwerp: Re:  Things maybe

>>>I've requested this as well in the past. Although I don't think I could
>>>take care of the site (or maybe I could, who knows) I didn't get any
>>>response (and I mean *none*), so I guess either nobody wants to share
>>>their dg_scripts (I know I would, although I have only eight working now)
>>>or nobody uses the thing.
>We have a hundred or so, and Im sure my builders would be happy to share
>some in exchange for new ideas. Start it, and give a yell, others will show
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