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Date: 12/19/98

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Date: Saturday, December 19, 1998 3:30 AM
Subject: Re:  Things mybe

>I think that the main reason people aren't "sharing" thier scripts is that
>they're too MUD specific.  Sure, I could release  my whole collection, but
>they'd be useless to anyone without the same world as me.

  I tend to disagree.  They may be specific w/ rooms/objs/mobs names etc..,
  not in theory and to get a general idea of how this function or that
variable works.

> I'll admit that
>there is a bit of a learning curve, but all in all, its a lot simpler that
>writing a spec_proc.  If people are interested in small generic samples,
>feel free to ask, once you know what's going on it's a breeze to do.   As
>far as the documentation goes, I think it may help to add a few small
>examples for each trigger type, especially dealing with globlals and
>returns, it gets a litle vague in these areas.

  This would be nice and it's a good idea..

>Overall, I think that the
>dg_scrips package is the best patch available for Circlemud, combined with
>olc it has the potential to make almost the entire MUD (as the players see
>it) completely original, without being a "c guru".  Not that I believe
>that every mud should not have such a guru, but even so, it's a good
>introduction to procedural programming.  My only piece of advice to ppl
>trying to learn how to write scripts is to experiment and learn from
>your mistakes.  If you get stumped on an error, or something doesn't work
>like you think it should, then just ask...  I believe there are many
>people on the list using this package who would be willing to lend some
>advice if a direct question is asked, myself included.

  The offer is careful what you throw out there..heh

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>On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, George wrote:
>> On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Eduo wrote:
>> >On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Tom Dailey wrote:
>> >
>> >> Perhaps we could start a dg_script trigger archive? Nothing large,
>> >> perhaps just one example of each trigger...
>> >
>> >I've requested this as well in the past. Although I don't think I could
>> >take care of the site (or maybe I could, who knows) I didn't get any
>> >response (and I mean *none*), so I guess either nobody wants to share
>> >their dg_scripts (I know I would, although I have only eight working
>> >or nobody uses the thing.
>> *whistle*
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