[ADD] and a obcircle

From: Christopher Avans (parka@cdc.net)
Date: 12/20/98

    Any of you guys looking for a admin job on a growing mud? Its getting
to much for me to keep up with the mortals and do admin stuff. And my
builders and my other coders are wasting our time doing so. If so email me
at banyal@hubis.eushc.org. Will only consider someone that is willing
to adminster mud under our policies without strive or vice towards them

I know this is not a greatly comlicated script but hey its one
also shows that some are mud specific and some not

/* Example 1 */

1) Name         : Shadow Doom 2
2) Intended for : Mobiles
3) Trigger types: Receive
4) Numberic Arg : 100
5) Arguments    : (null)
6) Commands:
if (%object.vnum% == 9036)
wait 5
msend %actor% The Shadow Doom guard grins wickedly, and escourts you from
the hall.
mteleport %actor% 9120
mechoaround %actor% %actor.name% is thrown out from the Shadow Doom hall.
wait 5
say What the hell is this?!
drop %object.name%
return 0

/* Example 2  a room proc that requires a fake obj to make it look right

1) Name         : Obelisk (Food)
2) Intended for : Rooms
3) Trigger types: Speech
4) Numberic Arg : 0
5) Arguments    : All Hail Uklor
6) Commands:
if (%actor.vnum% == -1)
wecho The ancient obelisk hums with pleasure.
wecho A gust of divine energy sweeps through the room, leaving a loaf of
bread in its wake.
wload obj 14711

/* Example 3 a nift obj wear proc */

1) Name         : firecaster
2) Intended for : Objects
3) Trigger types: Get Wear
4) Numberic Arg : 100
5) Arguments    : (null)
6) Commands:
oecho A Flame snakes up the blade of %self.shortdesc%
return 1

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