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From: Neal Robinson. (nrobinso@c2i.net)
Date: 12/20/98

>>"Neal Robinson." <nrobinso@c2i.net> wrote:
>> I am interested to hear about how to get a "transport system"
>>between different areas for my Circle mud.
>> I am using circle30bpl14 and Cygnus GNU-Win32. (I have tried
>>trains.c but dont know how to edit my makefile.in) to include it?
>> to sum up
>>     a;   I am interested on any help to make a transport system.
>>     b;   or help to get trains.c to work.
>> regards Neal Robinson.
>"Afizal Mustapa." (amustapa@yahoo.com) answered:

>I'm not sure what trains.c is supposed to contain (codes for a train?)
>since I haven't been checking the mailing list/ftp site for a while
>Anyway, if you're hoping to get some ideas for this, take a look at
>the mailing archives. There was a discussion on making a ship as a
>movable area. It's either earlier this year or mid of last year. The
>idea was making it the ship (or in your case the train) as a mob that
>has a spec for its movement. If the player is at the station and issue
>a command like "board", check if the mob is there in the same room
>before transfering the player into the area. If the player issue a
>command like "leave", check if the mob is at a station before
>transfering the player out of the area. Something like that. DAK's
>email on the subject has better description than mine. :)
>Why don't you check it out. I'm thinking of putting one in my mud
>also, but it's still in the "to do" list.
>As for editing the Makefile.in, though I'm not the best person on the
>subject, what is it that you want to change?
>Afizal Mustapa
>Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

1 A big *Thanks* Afisal, I will try those archives but they look *big*.
2. The trains.c is a file that according to the help file will:- quote
------------snip start--------------
"With this code, you'll be able to add a complete transporter/train
 to your CircleMUD, including a token machine & conductor, and
 2 trains running simultaneously. The transporters are perfect for
newbies, because they can use the transporters to get places
 quickly and easily."
------------snip stop--------------
I have got ideas to change this to make a sort of desert caravan
 that will go between different areas on my mud, another
place in the help file goes
------------snip start--------------
"First, edit your makefile so that it compiles trains.c and includes it
when everything is linked to make /bin/circle."
------------snip stop--------------
What i need to know is: can anybody
give me any help on where i can read how to
add trains.c to my makefile.in

P.S. I didnt get/see DAK`s email you mentioned!

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