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From: George (
Date: 12/25/98

On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Daniel Koepke wrote:

>ObCircle: (as lame as it is)
>On the subject of scripting languages, if Circle was going to
>incorperate one in the future, might I suggest we write our own
>rather than use DG Scripts?  Since it is just NiM's scripting
>language (derived from MOB Programs) "Circlified"...

That all depends on how fancy we want to get with it.  We could start with
something as simple as MobProgs or go for something as powerful as a MUD
compiler/assembler/linker like MUD++.

Actually, I just noticed MUD++ added a couple clauses to the GPL:

In addition to complying with the GPL, the act of running the server,
whether for profit or free, and providing access to the server for network
play is restricted as follows:

        1.  (Non-commercial)
                You may run the MUD++ server for unlimited access on
private or public network free of charge as long as you make absolutely no
profit in ANY way as a result of this act. This includes indirect profits
due to advertising.

        2.  (Commercial)
                You may run a commercial MUD++ server only after obtaining
a permission from the original author (me). The commercial license may
include a small fee. The authors and MUD++ community as a whole reserve the
right to refuse commercial license to any party.

        3.  All servers (commercial and non-commercial) shall retain, in
some form visible upon initial connection, the notification that the server
is based on MUD++, the version, and the original copyright date and
author's name. Example:

    Based on MUD++ version 0.16 - Copyright(C) 1996 Melvin Smith

As long as the content is kept intact and visible, there are no
restrictions on formatting to accommodate the screen.

        4.  By contributing to the MUD++ server you waive any right to
profit gained from commercial licensing. The reason behind this is twofold.
(a) There is not much money in licensing MUD servers.  (b) I don't have
time to distribute the percentage to each person who has contributed source

        5.  Helper apps, clients and GUIs which are not actually part of
the MUD++ server package are not covered by any part of this license or the
GPL, but are copyrighted by the individual authors.
So you can't make money from it.  Good thing.  Takes away my only worry.

>I'm sure most platforms have some form of lex/yacc (e.g., flex
>and bison).

Probably, but then we have to find the lowest common denominator.

George Greer

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