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Date: 12/25/98

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>Kjell Thomas Pedersen wrote:
>> >>>
>> There are too many wanna-be-mud-admins running muds these days, with NO clue
>> what a C program looks like, that's the problem.
>This argument comes up over and over!
>There are too many people out there that confuse CODING and RUNNING a
>mud these days. They are NOT one in the same.

Nod, and for the fools that run it without knowing how to code, they tend
to piss off
their head coders. Been there, I won't do it again.

> I will not disagree that
>the person running the mud should also code it, but it does not have to
>be the case. As I ran a mud for 2 years without coding one thing in it
>or even knowing how. It was very successful, and a great learning
>experience. I am now coding a different mud and learning a lot. There
>has been many more experienced coders in this list that say basically
>the same. They learned C from playing with Circle code. For those who
>have (or can) learn the code easily and make improvements on any aspect
>of the code, I admire them. Even the newbies!

Anyone with half a brain can learn to a certain extent with the following two

1.) Cut-copy-paste.
2.) Look and do thou likewise.

>Can we atleast all agree that you can be a coder by playing with the
>Circle code, or atleast manipulating what code is available and be able
>to get the results you want?
>(meaning anyone, experienced or newbie)

As a proponent of this argument, to an extent I agree. That is after all, how I
learned C originally. But I knew Pascal and basic ahead of time. And there
are areas of C that I am still bad at:

1.) Pointers
2.) Memory allocation
3.) Strings

And it's not like those are the easiest subjects of C, nor the least important.


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