Re: CircleMUD Scripting (was Re: [CODE] Things todo...)

From: StormeRider (
Date: 12/25/98

>ObCircle: (as lame as it is)
>On the subject of scripting languages, if Circle was going to
>incorperate one in the future, might I suggest we write our own
>rather than use DG Scripts?  Since it is just NiM's scripting
>language (derived from MOB Programs) "Circlified"...
>I'm sure most platforms have some form of lex/yacc (e.g., flex
>and bison).

Actually what I would like to see is someone putting forth the
time to add PERL functionality to mobs... Not to sound like a
propagandist, but PERL offers the ease of use and minimalistic
code approach of shell scripting and some of the advanced
functions of C... It's rather easy to learn if you know either shell
scripting or C, and if you know both, then it is extremely easy.

I currently use MOBProgs but when the discussions arose when
DG Scripts were first mentioned realized some of the major
disadvantages involved. If a system involving use of PERL came
about I guess I wouldn't feel bad telling the smart builders who
would want the extra functionality to learn PERL. Or ask someone
who does know the system how to do it for them.

Just my $.02.


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