Re: - bug in get_line() ?

From: George (
Date: 12/27/98

On Sun, 27 Dec 1998, Tom Dailey wrote:

>We have modified our mud extensively, so posting tons of code would be pointless, but
>a quick few questions:
>1.  Has anyone noticed a bug with get_line() in utils.c that has to do w/ zones files and
>compiling within devstudio 6.0?  I can get the mud to both compile and run at command line
>but when I compile and run within devstudio, it crashes within get_line.  It actually points to
>db.c where the zones are loaded, but the error, eventually leads to the get_line() in utils.c.
>2.  George, I tried your get_line change in your cvs directory and it then compiles but crashes
>during boot in our config.c.  I don't think it's your new change that's causing the error.  It has
>something to do w/ the pointer getting filled w/ junk.  Again, most likely due to our heavily
>changed config.c.

log() the malloc'd pointer and have get_line() log what argument it is

George Greer

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