[NEWBIE][CODE]absolute room location of an object

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@yahoo.com)
Date: 12/28/98

i wanted to make a function that mimics
print_object_location, but returns the information
of the room that the object is in

sh_int where_is_object (struct obj_data *obj)
if (obj->in_room > NOWHERE)
  return (obj->in_room);
else if (obj->carried_by)
  return (obj->carried_by->in_room);
else if (obj->worn_by)
  return (obj->worn_by->in_room);
else if (obj->in_obj)
  where_is_object (obj->in_obj);
        log("Object in an unkown location.");
                return (-1);

my concern is that i have missed some
possibilities, is it possible for a character
to exist in the game but not in a room?
comments, critique?

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