Re: Obj_from_store_to / Obj_to_store_from

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/02/99

> Okay.. i was interested in saving the name, description, short description and
> action description of objects.. here's the prob...
> obj_from_store_to (and obj_to_store_from) uses obj_file_elem and the name and
> description and stuff is in obj_data ... pro'ly a really dumb question, but i
> can't figure it out :) thanks a ton

        Though its not 'out' really yet, i am having my ascii rent files
patch evaluated in the next week or so.  It allows unique items to save,
etc.  Basically what you're looking for. If you can wait, there yah go. If
not, just purge your rent files, add the correct structs to obj_file_elem,
and then make the changes in objsave.c


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