[DG-SCRIPTS} A minor problem, atleast I hope.

From: Maximum Carnage (carnage@games2.mudsrus.com)
Date: 01/03/99

Ok it goes down like this, I spent tonite patching in DG_p15a_no_olc.  After
running the DIFF I proceeded to patch in all the *.rej.  I have olc already
so some of the parts I didn't put in because they were already there.  Now
when I went to compile I found that certain parts which were sappose to be
in structs.h weren't even in there, yet they weren't in the structs.h.rej
either, go figure.  Anywayz after I got a complete compile I put T 2 in one
of the mobs in my mob file and rebooted.  Now when this mob is loaded it
should greet players who come from a directions, however thats not whats
happening.  Its not doing anything.  If I do a stat it does show that there
is a trigger linked to the mob.  Anyone know what actually sets off this
type of trigger?  I think maybe the patch forgot another part, but didn't
put it in the rej file either:>
One other question:  Is there a patch to install the proper peices to
oasisOLC to work with this stuff?  I had OLC installed before I did this so
I couldn't use the patch that came with olc.
Anyhow, thanx for your time and LAterz.

Smillie, IMP
Maximum Carnage
carnage.mudsrus.com 6669

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