Re: [DG-SCRIPTS} A minor problem, atleast I hope.

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 01/03/99

Maximum Carnage wrote:
> Ok it goes down like this, I spent tonite patching in DG_p15a_no_olc.  After
> running the DIFF I proceeded to patch in all the *.rej.  I have olc already
> so some of the parts I didn't put in because they were already there.  Now

You can try the one with OLC and only ignore the sections that have olc.
It will have the parts that should be there for the OLC support.

> either, go figure.  Anywayz after I got a complete compile I put T 2 in one
> of the mobs in my mob file and rebooted.  Now when this mob is loaded it
> should greet players who come from a directions, however thats not whats
> happening.  Its not doing anything.  If I do a stat it does show that there
> is a trigger linked to the mob.  Anyone know what actually sets off this
> type of trigger?  I think maybe the patch forgot another part, but didn't
> put it in the rej file either:>

You said you rebooted after assigning the trigger? If so, the triggers
are saved in #.trg files for each zone. If you do not have the proper
file for each zone already created for existing zones, it will NOT save.
Make sure each zone has a .trg file!

Hope that helps.

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