Re: [NEWBIE] Revamp of Spell/Skill System

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 01/04/99

Hmmm... Off the top of my head I would consider using a bitvector
to store the spell "groups". GROUP_FIRE, GROUP_COLD, etc.  The problem
is that you are limited in the number of groups.  The good thing is that
you could add an entry into the spello that says what group a spell
belongs to and us that in an if(IS_SET(bitvector,GROUP_FIRE)) when

OR! you could set up each group as a skill, added an item to the spello
that says that the line is a a member of GROUP_BLAH or is a group ID line
and then key off of that.  When looking up fireball for example, it has
GROUP_FIRE in this slot.  Look at GET_SKILL(ch,GROUP_FIRE) to see if the
char has this group.

I like the second option better, it is a bit slower, but is MUCH more

Nick Stout <cyberman_64@HOTMAIL.COM> on 01/02/99 08:48:41 PM

By some odd chance, has anyone revamped the spell and skill system so it
allows spells to be learned by practice, but also to be gained in
groups? Like for instance...
A Warrior starts out with kick, and the usual things. But if he wants
magic, he can get another group by "gaining" it, and it raises his
exp_to_level. So he gains "Firespells", and he then has fireball,
flamebolt, and flamestrike all unpracticed. He can then practice these.
Has anyone done this? And if so, would you be willing to share an
example of how this was accomplished? I was going to put it under
spello() as int group, but i'm not sure if i should put it there, and
what good it would really do anyway.
If you've done this, i would really appretiate an e-mail to me about how
you did this, and how much is involved.
Thanks in advance.

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