random eq loads

From: Eric Sieg (esieg@sloth.ugcs.caltech.edu)
Date: 01/06/99

has anyone done any work on random eq loads? I'm planning on re-adding
item level field to object and then tinkering with the load command to
have either:
1. have an area defined command to load a certain number of random objects
   to a mob, do random command to check through the vnums of objects, if
   one exists, check for race, align, level restricts, and then if those
   all work, add random chance to load to inventory or onto the mob
   checking to see if there is already eq in the eq slot.

2. Same random eq roll, like perhaps 1d5 for high level items and 2d5 for
   lower levels. Check that many random items to see if they load and load
   the ones they can. Maybe add no eq flag to certain mobs or have it so
   that certain races of monsters cannot wear eq.

Just wondering if anyone had done any thing like this, also looking for
advice etc, I just started coding couple days ago so areas are all stock.
Made major code changes to exp, thaco, gaining levels, added some levels,
but nothing that should have an affect on a random eq load thing.

Also, here's the real newbie question. It seems like there should be a way
to have a chance that a certain item will load on a mob. For example every
time the grand mistress loads, give her a 2% chance to load the ebony
kris. It seems like there might already be a way, just don't see it in the
building docs (my friend is gonna build and I'm gonna code). Any advice
would be greatly appreciated :).

Eric Sieg

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