Re: random eq loads

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 01/06/99

Eric Sieg wrote:
> has anyone done any work on random eq loads? I'm planning on re-adding
> item level field to object and then tinkering with the load command to
> have either:
> 1. have an area defined command to load a certain number of random objects
>    to a mob, do random command to check through the vnums of objects, if
>    one exists, check for race, align, level restricts, and then if those
>    all work, add random chance to load to inventory or onto the mob
>    checking to see if there is already eq in the eq slot.

percentages takes care of the random chance that it loads. The rest is
up to you. I am sure that once you look at percentages, you can fit in
the rest of it easily.

> 2. Same random eq roll, like perhaps 1d5 for high level items and 2d5 for
>    lower levels. Check that many random items to see if they load and load
>    the ones they can. Maybe add no eq flag to certain mobs or have it so
>    that certain races of monsters cannot wear eq.
simple if statement which would have to be placed at the wear command
and in loading. But, why load it on a mob you do not want eq on?

> Also, here's the real newbie question. It seems like there should be a way
> to have a chance that a certain item will load on a mob. For example every
> time the grand mistress loads, give her a 2% chance to load the ebony
> kris. It seems like there might already be a way, just don't see it in the
> building docs (my friend is gonna build and I'm gonna code). Any advice
> would be greatly appreciated :).


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