Re: [CODE] Loading from db.c

From: Brian K. Finley (IMI, Inc.) (
Date: 01/06/99

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Brian K. Finley (IMI, Inc.) wrote:

> I'm trying to add level restrictions in my code, all by myself.  I'm
> using what I learned from adding object damage in quite some time ago.

Sorry, I figured it out... Sorry for bothering the list.  I needed t[3]
since that was obviously the next in line.  However, the first time I
used it it was pulling the other t[3] from line2, which was weapon damage
message #.  The way I coded it now, it auto-adds the 4th variable
placeholder and doesn't require it on bootup.  Any items saved in that
zone all get a placeholder of 0, unless a real value is later stored
there.  Seems to work so far.  Anyways, my apologies again.

 - brian

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