From: Christopher Avans (parka@cdc.net)
Date: 01/06/99

     I posted not to long ago for an admin job and quite a few people
asked about job and we played email hockey and missed each other online I
resending this to get these people or new ones to inquire. We need an
admin god(s) to help out with answer questions and perhaps help files.
I also need a builder.

[ObCircle]On the on going ASCII versus Binary

This is more then a matter of opinion. ASCII is not the way to go. You
will lose alot of speed in going all ASCII. And if you do alot fancy work
and have your mud load an ASCII file as a shared libary you lose less
speed but also gain alot RAM. Binary are hard to work with, but there is
alot of utilities to work with them. One of whoch coms with circle.

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