Re: dg_cast bug?

From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 01/07/99

Even if you're machine isn't producing core files, you can get a backtrace
of a predictable crash, just not "post mortem" like with a core. Simply
start the mud under your debugger (gdb, I presume). Let the mud run
from there, make it crash, and the debugger will catch the fault. Issue
the bt command from there.

As for others experiencing the bug/having a fix for it... I cannot duplicate
what you're seeing in a stock bpl14 + dg pl6. (However, I can cause that
same mud to crash by typing the "version" command... I see the same thing
when I compile the stock bpl14 too... very odd :(

In the src directory after applying a patch is a 0.trg file, with a few sample
triggers. Trigger 12 in there, when attached to a mob, will cause that mob
to dg_cast a magic missile spell at anyone (below impl, by default) using
the kill command. If after looking at this you see that perhaps while it works,
you were using the command a little different, resulting in a crash, please
let me know so I can fix it. If this trigger also causes you to crash, I'd
something besides DG Scripts.

At 09:45 PM 1/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>After finally patching in DG scripts v6, I began to do some testing on
>it to see how stable it really was.
>First thing i tried was dg_cast... That's all i got to.
>When i went to cast one of my "large" spells that do a lot of damage on
>a weak test character, it not only instantly killed him, but the mud
>also instantly crashed. This could be because of it going into -hp but
>i'm not sure.
>Also, recently, my mud has stopped giving out cores, so i really cannot
>offer any core backtrace at this time.
>Has anyone experienced this bug? Has anyone got a fix for it?

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