Re: dg_cast bug?

From: Scott Christopher Zielinski (
Date: 01/07/99

Nick Stout wrote:

> After finally patching in DG scripts v6, I began to do some testing on
> it to see how stable it really was.
> First thing i tried was dg_cast... That's all i got to.
> When i went to cast one of my "large" spells that do a lot of damage on
> a weak test character, it not only instantly killed him, but the mud
> also instantly crashed. This could be because of it going into -hp but
> i'm not sure.

I'm not too sure about your other questions, but having a character go into
neg. hps shouldn't cause the mud to crash. I installed alt.create.c the
other day; when I tested it using a mortal character, (with the forge
command), he screwed up, and the weapon blew up. This put him at -8 hp, I
think, which did  nothing but allow me to watch the character slowly die
(it gave him a status of being so injured that he was completely
incapacitated), every hour he would lose another hp., until -10, when he
died. Over all it was a pretty cool affect - so it seems that circle
already has taken -hp into account...


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