Re: Ascii pfiles and new email address

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/07/99

[Please note the new email address.  In a couple weeks my dhc account is
history and my circle code pages will move to]

From: Christopher Avans <>

>[ObCircle]On the on going ASCII versus Binary
>This is more then a matter of opinion. ASCII is not the way to go. You
>will lose alot of speed in going all ASCII. And if you do alot fancy work
>and have your mud load an ASCII file as a shared libary you lose less
>speed but also gain alot RAM. Binary are hard to work with, but there is
>alot of utilities to work with them. One of whoch coms with circle.

The 2.0 version of my ascii pfiles system load/save faster than binary.  Try

I'm looking at the binary pfiles utilities in pl14 and I'm not seeing "alot of
utilities".  The only one I see that isn't obsolete with ascii pfiles is
autowiz, which could easily be converted or replaced with a simple script.

opinion = fact, for sufficiently loose definitions of fact

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