Re: arrays vs linked lists [LONG]

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (
Date: 01/08/99

>I'll add yacc/lex to the TODO list.  Now what exactly did you plan to do
>with it so I can add more detail? (scripting language comes to mind, but
>you may be thinking command interpreter or something else.)

Hmmm... Let's see, from the top of my head,

* World Parser
* Actions File Parser
* Help File Parser
* Scripting Language Parser
* Command Interpreter Parser (more than one command per line, macros)

One thing to note is that the syntax of the parsers should be fairly static,
i mean, it should cope, without modifications with extensions to it.
If you add an extension in your MUD, any MUD with the basic parser should be
able to read the file without changing anything.
It's not mandatory, but it's an effortless "pretty thing".

And the dream code area (feel free to add to the TODO List):
* Guilds (already done by some, me included) and Receptions boot file
* config.c loading it's values from an initialization file at runtime.

Finally, a question:
  Is it possible to attach triggers to the zone resetting?
  Now I can do it by loading a mob and attaching a loading trigger to it, but it's
not the same thing.


Luis Carvalho

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