From: Invincibill (bill@longboys.net)
Date: 01/09/99

okay..i have decided to put my world files and player files into a mysql
database and use it for storing information(as well as help files, text
files, etc)

i guess my question is more of a library question than anything else.

to use the mysql interface you need to link two libraries to any file
which you want to use it with(using #include <mysql.h>)

the math lib and the mysqlclient lib. using -lm -lmysqlclient
my question is, in the makefile, is there some easy way to set it up so
that if the mysql.h is in the object dependencies, it automatically adds
the -lm and -lmysqlclient? or is there someway to build it so i dont
need to link them? i'm really clueless when it comes to linking
libraries and whatnot.(among a good many other things)  i have my
libraries in my /lib directory and the mysql.h is in the /include

any help or pointers as to where to look would be very much appreciated.



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