[AD] Kilnar Networking Services.

From: Jon A. Nielsen (nikolai@montana.com)
Date: 01/10/99

John Evans asked me to forward this to the mailing list (as he no longer
is subscribed):

Let me give you some basic facts. Once I'm done with them, I'll ask you a
simple question.

** If you're running a mud, you need a host.
** Your host most likely has a T1, maybe two.
** A T3 is faster than a T1.
** We have a T3. Actually, we're sitting behind two of them.
** Unless you're lucky, you're paying for that host.
** If you're paying for that host, you may be paying too much for too
** Our accounts start at $15.00 per month.
** We provide you with two weeks for free!
** One of our accounts provides you with half a Gigabyte of storage space.
** All accounts come with web space.
** Some accounts even come with a mailing list at no additional charge!
** We provide mutliple shell accounts with multiple logins for each.
** We provide you with two weeks for free! (Did we already mention that?)
** If you need extra hard drive space or email accounts, we can provide
** We run a mud as well, so we know what your needs and desires are.

Now for the question:
Shouldn't your mud be hosted with Kilnar Networking Services?

If you think that you should move your mud (or even start a new one!), then
visit us at: http://www.kilnar.com/mudhost/

John Evans
Admin, Kilnar Networking Services

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