GUI for Circle?

From: MUD Account (
Date: 01/11/99

I was wondering if anyone had looked at making a GUI front end for Circle
under Windows 95/98 (No Im not trying to reopen the OS wars :)) as I found
the one that EmberMUD has to be quite interesting.  I was contemplating
making one after using EmberMUD, as it gave me a few ideas.  Especially
as my MUD will end up running on a Windows box.  I own a copy of MS Vis
C/C++ v6.0, and have used it only to compile the MUD for a friend - so
have nil windows programming experience but many years experience under
UN*X.  I was wondering if anyone out there has some tips or suggestions
on how I could go about this.  Mainly examples or online tutorials - I
cant really afford to throw away any more money on books :(  If so - please
mail me at:
instead of spamming the list.  All flames and useless opinions direct to
/dev/null :)
Thankyou for you time.

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