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From: Scott Christopher Zielinski (
Date: 01/11/99

I'm not running a MUD for public use, even though its open to the public. I
started it so I could explore, recode etc. and learn all the ins and outs, w/o
having to be a player on someone else's MUD, whereby I have no idea why what I
do happens. I figure when I'm ready, and my MUD is HEAVILY modified, I'll
advertise it to the public. Right now its still 100% stock rooms and I'm the
only player.

With that said, Thank you Ghost. I tried looking for help on the HOUSE
command, which as everyone probably knows, only allows you to add/view/remove
guests. The actual admin. of houses is called HCONTROL. Thanks for your hint
and looking through ALL the documentation; it was listed pretty

Ghost Shaidan wrote:

> One might start out by trying the 'help' command with the argument 'house'
> This might tell one how to use the house command to grant it to players,
> and then how to use it to also add guests to it.
> If you are going to be an 'administrator/game runner' you might want to
> try reading the help files that are available to everyone.
> I won't reawaken the you have to know how to code to run a mud argument,
> but if you can't grep for the word house in your code and look around, at
> least try the included help files.
> Good Luck, I think you may need it.
> -Ghost Shaidan
> > How does one get a house?
> > I'm wondering from an administrator/game runners point of view...
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