From: George (
Date: 01/11/99

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Invincibill wrote:

>wow. you guys should have seen the list 2 years ago. :)
>i thought it was relatively mild. (granted i dont read ALL the posts

That's how the moderated CircleMUD list came about.  Obviously people
either don't mind the replies or are oblivious to the moderated lists
existance.  I know I'm on the moderated list and haven't seen a message in

>so..does anybody know any surefire way to tell if somebody is
>multiplaying?  short of snooping anyway. anyway to like maybe pop a
>message into the mudlog warning online imms that here is a potential
>multiplayer? (besides just comparing hosts)

Probably charting online time for people from same hosts and keeping track
of how long someone is with another person may help.  That may catch a
boyfriend/girlfriend couple though who play together and other
possibilities so the code should only show possibilities.  I.e.: If two
people are always on at the same time, from the same host, and always
together, then just _maybe_...

Code will be complicated though depending on your level of paranoia.

George Greer

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