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Date: 01/11/99

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:34:43 -0800 Invincibill <bill@LONGBOYS.NET>
>wow. you guys should have seen the list 2 years ago. :)
>i thought it was relatively mild. (granted i dont read ALL the posts
>anyway, about circle...thanks to the folks who helped me out with both
>the mysql stuff AND the socket stuff. i checked out the socket tutorial.
>was nice and simple and straightforward. thanks.
>so..does anybody know any surefire way to tell if somebody is
>short of snooping anyway. anyway to like maybe pop a message into the
>warning online imms that here is a potential multiplayer? (besides just
>comparing hosts)
>any ideas?

Is there any way to actually compare the descriptor ip's?  Like when a
new player connects, do something like this?

for(d=descriptor_list; d; d = d->next;){
if(strcmp(new_connection.ip, d.ip) != 0){
mudlog("Warning! Multiplayer! Muhahahaha!", BRF, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);

Note that this is all _really_really_really_ fake code, but is that how
you'd go about doing it?


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