[NEWBIE] damage function help

From: Brian (brian@imi-bottling.com)
Date: 01/12/99

I've been coding in a water breathing spell, and water-walking spell lately.
After finishing with them I wanted to make sure that when a person had their
spell expire, they would begin drowning.

I immediately thought of the object sinking code.  I went and found the code
section and placed it in my MUD.  With some minor checks (water walking, and
water breathing) in addition to boat checks, I had the code displaying the
"YOu are drowning" text string that it's supposed to...

However, where I'm confused, is how does it actually handle damage not done
with weapons?

Here's the original sinking code section that I used:

      if (GET_LEVEL(i) < LVL_IMMORT)
        if (SECT(i->in_room) == SECT_WATER_NOSWIM && !has_boat(i)) {
          act("$n thrashes about in the water straining to stay afloat.", FALSE,
                i, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);
          send_to_char("You are drowning!\r\n", i);
          damage(i, i, GET_MAX_HIT(i) / 5, TYPE_SUFFERING); /* TYPE_DROWNING ? */

My question is what does the last line actually do?  I'm assuming it passes
the info off to the damage function, right?  But does the damage function
actually do damage, or does it just check their current damage and
affections against boolean checks?

Like this one:

        damage(i, i, 2, SPELL_POISON);

What is the "2" actually doing?  Is it passing 2 damage points onto the
damage function?

I've followed the code into the damage function, and I'm not really seeing
what it's doing... other than starting fighting, and lots of checking on
current flags/affections/etc.  I don't see any actual damage passed to the

I tried to figure out what else mimics what I'm trying to do...  The POISON
spell came to mind.  Here's something that is supposed to knock some hit
points off and display a message about you being sick, every tick.

Problem is, for some odd reason, my poison spell no longer does this.  It
doesn't display the message every tick, and doesn't knock off any hit
points.  It sets the AFF_POISON flag on the person correctly, and doesn't
allow hit points or mana regeneration (like it's supposed to).  The poison
message is still in the "messages" file in lib/misc but isn't being called.
So now I'm stuck...

This is the only section of code in the damage function that looks like it
might be affecting the POISON display string every tick...

  if (!IS_WEAPON(attacktype))
    skill_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype);
  else {
    if (GET_POS(victim) == POS_DEAD || dam == 0) {
      if (!skill_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype))
        dam_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype);
    } else {
      dam_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype);

I'm not sure the above is enough to go on or not.  If I had a better
understanding of what the damage function was actually doing, I'd be better
off (If I read it enough I'll figure it out).

But for now, I seem to have two related questions... The first one seems to
be where could I have broken the POISON damage function (where it sends the
poison message every tick about shivering and knocks off some hit points)?
If I can figure that out, it'll probably solve my other damage function
while drowning.

Anyone have any ideas?  Or maybe what code sections to check?  I think I
need a nudge in the right direction here to fix this mess...

 - brian

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