Re: Borland C++ Request

From: George (
Date: 01/12/99

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Daniel Koepke wrote:

>George wrote:
>> It seems a newer version of Borland C++ includes winsock2.h
>> automatically which conflicts with the winsock.h included by
>> CircleMUD.  Is there any #define we can use to detect Winsock2 and
>> avoid including the old Winsock code?
>Doesn't the winsock2.h file #define _WINSOCKAPI_, automatically
>preventing winsock.h from being included?  If not, #define it, and
>that /should/ fix it.  Of course, I could be wrong (what do I know
>about Windoze and Winsock?)...

I suppose I can look when I get back to the campus tomorrow, but that is
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and not Borland C++.  Microsoft doesn't seem to
have the problem currently, just Borland's.  So basically I need someone to
look and perhaps make a list of changes/patch for me.

The current code will just do a #warning for Borland C++ til I hear

George Greer

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