[SIGNALS] Weird error.

From: Will Andrews (andrews@technologist.com)
Date: 01/12/99

This is in my log/errors, and it has been occurring for about 1-2 months
for some strange reason:
    Tue Jan 12 00:35:24 1999 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not
    Tue Jan 12 15:50:41 1999 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not
    Tue Jan 12 18:49:19 1999 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not

Originally, I thought it was because of the slow CPU we had the game on,
but now that we have it on a much faster one, I don't think that's why.

Here's the function, grabbed from comm.c:

RETSIGTYPE checkpointing() {
  if (!tics) {
    log("SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not updated");
  } else
    tics = 0;

Also, I found this (comm.c as well):
void game_loop(int mother_desc) {

Now, what this means to me is that somehow tic signals from the system is
getting ignored by the MUD. Or perhaps I have the translation of these
errors messed up. Since my experience with signal handling is slim to
none, I need some wizard to explain to me why this is happening after 1
year of smooth running.

Thanks for any and all input... any queries for relevant information will
be promptly answered.

--Acme <acme@blackdawn.com>
Maintenance Implementor, The Black Dawn -- http://www.blackdawn.com/

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