Re: [SIGNALS] Weird error.

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 01/12/99

On 1/13/99 12:38 AM, Will Andrews (andrews@TECHNOLOGIST.COM) stated:

>    Tue Jan 12 18:49:19 1999 :: SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not

tics is incremented every loop.  Every time the signal is received (the
alarm signal, set to go off every so often, as defined in code), it
resets tics to 0.  If, when the signal is next initiated (i.e, 'its that
time again'), tics is still 0, no loops have occured within the alarm
time frame; the program is stuck somewhere in the middle of the loop.
This is usually caused by either blocking (i.e, you messed with sockets
and they are no longer non-blocking), or there is an infinite loop.  Most
often, it is the latter.

- Chris Jacobson

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