From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (
Date: 01/13/99

I'm afraid you're forgetting bots made using tintin or tinyfugue or zmud.

I think the best way to control multiplaying is to force your player to
register his/her e-mail and then to verify it. But then you have the problem
of yahoo mail accounts and things like that.

Even snooping and seeing a group that works together without exchaging a word
doesn't tell you a thing. They could be in the same room in RL and talk with
each other.

Believe me, i've run a MUD in a school, and i gave up trying to stop multi-playing.
Just assume you have it and try to plug the holes it may cause on game play.

>Automated mulitplaying detection?
>I wouldn't say it's impossible.
>If we go back to the basics of a player who has two characters,
>at any one time, that person will only be keying in commands for one of
>the characters.
> Now, if two players were suspected of muliplaying, a watch could be kept
>on imcoming commands, and although it doesn't prove anything, if commands
>from both characters are recieved within a certain time limit, i.e. < the
>time to change windows and type, then you can be reasonably sure that the
>two characters are separate.  Of course if the characters have different
>IP's then it's a little less conclusive.

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