From: Sean Daley (
Date: 01/13/99

Oh well, I knew I should've kept my mouth shut because I really hate
getting into discussions like this :)

My response was to a "surefire" way of detecting multiplaying.  That
is where my impossible statement came from.  Your response actually
backs up my claim.  "...although it doesn't prove anything" &
"if the characters have different IP's then it's a little less
conclusive".  In the end, no matter what you do, an immortal
is going to have to get involved in the situation.  I've played
with people that had no trouble whatsoever in playing 2+ characters
simultaneously and make it look like they're two different people.
ZMud and other clients make this an absolute breeze.  And remember
even without looking at the possibility of a BOT.  If the person
is using 2 plain telnet windows.  The mud can only display one response
at the time and if the person can only type in one window at a
time that doesn't mean he/she has to hit enter after finishing each
command.  So it's pretty easy to simulate two different people.
Type command in window 1, then window 2, then hit enter in 1, then in 2.
Expand on this at your leisure.

You CAN simplify your life to catch brain-dead multiplayers.  An IP
check among other things will do that.  It's kind of like everything
else though.  If a person really wants to multiplay, they'll find
a way to do it no matter what you do.

And while writing this, Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho <>
also responded with some very good points which I agree with too.

If you're really concerened about multiplayers, create an imm group
whose purpose is to root them out (obviously give them other
responsibilities too).

That's the last of my 2 1/2 cents.  Since I don't have an OBCIRCLE,
I'll stop wasting everyones time.


At 03:25 PM 01/13/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>Automated mulitplaying detection?
>I wouldn't say it's impossible.
>If we go back to the basics of a player who has two characters,
>at any one time, that person will only be keying in commands for one of
>the characters.
> Now, if two players were suspected of muliplaying, a watch could be kept
>on imcoming commands, and although it doesn't prove anything, if commands
>from both characters are recieved within a certain time limit, i.e. < the
>time to change windows and type, then you can be reasonably sure that the
>two characters are separate.  Of course if the characters have different
>IP's then it's a little less conclusive.

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