File I/O and Crashes

From: Ejer (
Date: 01/14/99

     It seems I'm having problems with writing players to the playerfile.
I've recently done two things that could be the cause of this as I see it,
yet neither of them seem to make sense. In the structure
player_special_data_saved I've added... quite a few integers, 50 (I deleted
the old playerfile of course), and I've added a set of functions that loads
a special type of help file from the disc (haven't been able to test it
yet). What happens is this: I log in, make my new character everything runs
smoothly until the time that I type in my sex, at which it crashes. I've
traced the actual crash to the function save_char() (called as soon as you
type m/f) to the last line of it, the call to fwrite() and a function
called from within it (_fstsomething()?). Basically, it crashes as soon as
it tries to write the first byte to the playerfile.
        I've been running this mud without ever having a similar problem before,
even under similar circumstances, for a long time, and am rather perplexed.
Also, the mud seems to have no probllems generating the player index or
reading the amount of bytes in the file (0) etc. If this seems to make
sense to anyone, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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