From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 01/14/99

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Dan Argent wrote:
> Sorry, what I meant was a time-check of the order of a few hundred
> milliseconds. Eventually, if two characters were separate then you would
> receive characters from their terminals within that time-span. Show me
> someone who can change windows that fast.
> Dan

His name is zmud

Anyway, stopping multi-playing is about as close to impossible as you can
get.  Anyone care to try and test me on this.  I can run 2 connections,
running 2 clients, from 2 different ips, and with creative scripting
neither connection would appear to be connected to the other, and neither
would ever sit idle.  It is always possible to stop the blatant
multi-players, but beyond that you are definitely fighting a losing

(btw, I don't use zmud  :)

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