From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 01/14/99

I don't get it. This is where I'm stuck. This person has two different
telnet windows open and has connected to your mud perhaps through a
router or something. Then you ask them both questions. But how would you
get the same answer back from both???

Ron Cole wrote:
> >Anyway, stopping multi-playing is about as close to impossible as you can
> >get.  Anyone care to try and test me on this.  I can run 2 connections,
> >running 2 clients, from 2 different ips, and with creative scripting
> >neither connection would appear to be connected to the other, and neither
> >would ever sit idle.  It is always possible to stop the blatant
> >multi-players, but beyond that you are definitely fighting a losing
> >battle.
> Here's a little trick I learned... use send (I assume that's in stock circle,
> sends text to a single character) to emulate whatever format/color your say
> command uses.  Tell them you are going to ask them 3 simple math questions,
> and that you want them both to answer quickly and at the same time.  Set up
> the alias ahead of time.  For the first 2, use say to ask the question...
> 2+3, 8-4, etc.  Then use send to ask them 2 different questions at the same
> time, preferably one that looks similar, ie:  3+5/8+5.  If you get the same
> answer from both... busted.
> Ron

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