From: Mark A. Heilpern (
Date: 01/14/99

You'd get the same answer from both if it's one person multi-playing, using
a client like zMud that makes it easy to issue the same reply in multiple
windows, and that person is mentally too slow to realize he or she has been
tricked with slightly different math questions.

Now that the logistics are out of the way, let the opinions fly :)
If that's how you spend your time looking for multi-players, how do you have
any fun in your mud? I mean, geez, if you actually catch someone multi-
playing like this, is it worth it? Were my mud to have a no-multi-playing
rule (we allow 2 simultanious chars per person) I would simply make it
very clear from the start that players caught multi-playing will have their
characters deleted. Make the penalty not worth the crime, rather than
making the effort to find the crime not worth the outcome, in my opinion.
(Ok, so maybe I'm a little draconian ;)

Seriously though, if someone wants to multi-play there are easy enough
ways to avoid detection, particularly anyone who has a friend with a unix
Are there still free shells available on the net? A tcp/ip redirection
program is
simple to run, and several exist.

At 02:45 PM 1/14/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I don't get it. This is where I'm stuck. This person has two different
>telnet windows open and has connected to your mud perhaps through a
>router or something. Then you ask them both questions. But how would you
>get the same answer back from both???
>Ron Cole wrote:
>> >Anyway, stopping multi-playing is about as close to impossible as you can
>> >get.  Anyone care to try and test me on this.  I can run 2 connections,
>> >running 2 clients, from 2 different ips, and with creative scripting
>> >neither connection would appear to be connected to the other, and neither
>> >would ever sit idle.  It is always possible to stop the blatant
>> >multi-players, but beyond that you are definitely fighting a losing
>> >battle.
>> Here's a little trick I learned... use send (I assume that's in stock
>> sends text to a single character) to emulate whatever format/color your say
>> command uses.  Tell them you are going to ask them 3 simple math questions,
>> and that you want them both to answer quickly and at the same time.  Set up
>> the alias ahead of time.  For the first 2, use say to ask the question...
>> 2+3, 8-4, etc.  Then use send to ask them 2 different questions at the same
>> time, preferably one that looks similar, ie:  3+5/8+5.  If you get the same
>> answer from both... busted.
>> Ron
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