From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/14/99

>Now that the logistics are out of the way, let the opinions fly :)
>If that's how you spend your time looking for multi-players, how do you have
>any fun in your mud? I mean, geez, if you actually catch someone multi-
>playing like this, is it worth it? Were my mud to have a no-multi-playing

Well, its fun for a while, then it gets tedious... Most people when
confronted would simply say "oh, I didn't realise" and start playing by the
rules.  Its the ones who were trying to get away with multiplaying that were
amusing.  We also changed to a 2 char limit, and the problem mostly went
away.  I think our mud suffered for allowing it, but it was too much trouble
to deal with them.  I found it particularly amusing to catch them on one the
first 2 questions where no trickery was involved, they just gave the wrong
answer... twice... :-)  I even had one like this once, trying to be a little
too clever:

You say, 'what's 9+4?'
PlayerA says, '12'
PlayerB says, 'twelve'


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