From: John Hines (
Date: 01/15/99

        To be truthful I have seen some very large muds and even more muds with low
player bases...

Multiplaying in my opinion is very detrimental to grouping. It will limit a
very social aspect to the game and also be detrimental to the newbie player.
The newbie player unfortunatly will depend on higher level players to learn the
game no matter how complex or complete help files may be. If a player has 1
char thats his tank (warrior) and a cleric (healer) and a mage (spells and real
damage) and a thief (hitter/backstab) and multis the lot...guess he doesn't
need anyone else on the game.

John Hines
TorbinMUD (closed)

snip of Erik Madison's original:

the life of my, I fail to see what exactly is _wrong_ with multiplaying.
We code/build/administer these things to be games, a way and place for all
of us to either hide from school, or unwind after a long day of shoveling
shit in the fields. Our players come for the same reasons, to simply have

Erik Madison

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