Re: [NEWBIE] [MSP] Where to find ?

From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 01/15/99

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Cj Stremick wrote:

> Take a look at the specs for MSP on Zuggsofts web site
>  That should answer your questions.  I looked into it before and decided
> agains offering it mostly because it was hard to come up with sounds that
> don't just sound silly.  As far as it being "worth It", it's a fun thing to
> add but it's worth is purely subject to personal preference.

Worth is subjective obviously.  Poll your players.  Start with the "Which
client do you use?" poll.  If zmud isn't 51% or more of the responses, it
probably isn't worth it.  If it is, move on to "Would you like sound to be
part of your playing experience?"

I personally (as a player, as well as as an implementor) don't want sound.
Mostly because it's "hard to come up with sounds that don't just sound
silly" and partly because I play muds from work, from beside a sleeping
baby, while watching tv, etc.  It doesn't apply to me personally anymore,
but in a college computer lab is a likely location for mudding as well.
None of these situations make me want sound in a mud.  Again though, it is
subjective and depends on what type of players you have.

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